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Our Services

Explore our suite of solutions for businesses.

How We Can Help

In addition to our products, Biofuture offers a range of services designed to help in the following.


Relieve from the mechanical tasks of sourcing and logistics which consume precious time and energy.


Achieve tasteful public awareness of the decision to adopt sustainable packaging


Separate from the crowd with unparalleled custom print capability.

Ready to Make a Change?

Join us in leading the shift towards a sustainable future. Get in touch to start your journey with Biofuture.

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Bespoke Plans

We understand the frustration businesses experience when procuring their packaging. The business works best when people are free to exercise their passion and focus on building.


To help recover essential lost time, bring about an increase in overall efficiency and alleviate worries, we offer individualised plans which can include:

  • An initial consultation and audit of requirements.

  • Replacement of all existing packaging with compostable alternative – a complete change is the scientifically advised sustainability strategy.

  • Precise and responsive delivery scheduling.

  • Discussion of storage and possible offer of Biofuture warehouse space at no additional cost.

  • Custom print and social media ad creatives.

  • Rapid response.

Social Media Awareness

Communities should know when their local businesses show initiative and demonstrate their care for the planet. Instances of foresight and proactive spirit should be celebrated.

We can offer professionally designed social media posts for broadcasting environmental responsibility.

Our experience suggests businesses which make this transformation known generate considerable interest and elevated brand perception.

Custom Branding

All great consumer businesses are recognisable.

Special packaging demonstrates professionalism, effort, creates motivating energy, and is a distinguishing factor.

All customised packaging orders are delivered within 8-10 weeks. There is a minimum order of 10,000 units.

For those businesses struggling with space, we can provide free storage for a proportion of ordered products – please contact us to discuss.

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