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Last Updated: 03-03-2024


At Biofuture we understand the colossal responsibility we have to exceed customers’ existing service experience and the qualities of materials in order to achieve our fundamental objective of transitioning from the normal plastics economy.

We will:

  • Endeavour to guarantee accurate and timely delivery of expected and essential packaging, with a focus on continual learning and development of these competencies.

  • Preserve our existing efficient, principled sourcing and delivery model to ensure our genuine sustainable products are widely affordable and never prohibitively expensive.

  • Fuse to our foundation the rule that our offering a product is contingent upon eminent scientific evidence and diverse certification of environmental merit and informed determination of current infrastructure compatibility or strong indications for the future.

  • Perpetual scrutiny of supply chain vulnerabilities in order to better anticipate disruption, utilise dual sourcing to mitigate and/or avoid unforeseeable incidents, and have in place worst-case contingency protocol allowing fulfilment no matter the circumstance for a certain period of time.

  • Facilitate the development of compostable manufacturing capacity closer to home, reducing risks and strengthening quality control.

  • Frequent inspection and investment in machinery.

  • Invest in and join existing scientific research to be continually at the forefront of sustainable materials and practices.

  • Encourage partners to elevate their standards and be receptive to reciprocal suggestions.

  • Deep and curious involvement in the sourcing of our raw materials and engaged to create ever-greater labour happiness, exploring optimisation of existing and new farming methods, and ensure standards are maintained.

  • Establishment of a thoughtful and responsive customer service and complaints mechanism and monthly management review of all feedback.

  • Eventual organisation of a contract customer collection service to guarantee correct processing of products with the dissemination of guidance to reduce misthrows. Creation of inspiring material showing contract customers the end destination, treatment, and use of their waste, demonstrating the virtue of their choice.

Quality Policy

Learn about our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our Quality Policy outlines our stringent standards, ensuring high quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction in every product.

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