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About Us

Get to know us in a bit more detail.

Making Planet-Friendly Packaging which is Affordable for All

There is so much eagerness to do good in the world but not enough instruments to give it effect. Businesses often ignore the drive to contribute to something positive and make us choose between bad options. We are aware that frontier industries such as sustainability, which rouse emotions and introduce new terms and technology, attract unscrupulous, opportunistic actors capable of eroding and exhausting that critical consumer will, wasting the potential of the moment. The seriousness of the problems we face mean we must be better. The urgent change we need demands we set an example to secure public trust and elevate the standards of others existing and entering into the space.

We want to reverse all of this bad precedent, or at least be among those making an effort. We believe making an impact can be simple when made convenient and that individual acts add up. We know that people want means to do helpful things without distracting too much from living life. The world is changing and there is a strong current pulling in the direction we are encouraging but we will not be complacent. We intend to counteract the misleading claims and disappointing behaviour, setting a standard according to which transparency reigns and information is abundant.


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Every product is certified and designed for the circular economy, utilising renewable plants and paper from responsibly managed forests.

Our dedicated team keep up with scientific innovations to ensure we are bringing customers the most sustainable products.

We work with and support businesses to navigate the approaching transition and direct some of their sizeable resources towards building a brighter future.

Don't hesitate to get in touch – we're here to provide support, guidance, or any assistance you may need.

Connect with Our Team

Creating Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Shielding the environment from additional damage connected to the production, disposal and nature of normal plastic motivated the founding of Biofuture and is its fundamental purpose. To fulfil this Herculean task, from small advances to seismic victories, we offer compostable alternatives for all food and drink packaging.


Compostable paper cup with lid on a wooden coffee table

In our journey toward a more sustainable future, we proudly uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility.


These certifications are a testament to our dedication to not only meet but exceed global sustainability standards, ensuring that our packaging solutions contribute positively to the environment.


By choosing our certified compostable products, you join us in making a meaningful impact, one step closer to a greener planet.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

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