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Last Updated: 03-03-2024

Shielding the environment from further damage connected to the production, disposal and nature of normal plastic motivated the founding of Biofuture and is its fundamental purpose.

To fulfil this Herculean task, from small advances to seismic transformation, we offer compostable alternatives for all food and drink packaging.

Besides the numerous benefits following from adoption of these materials, we organise and support various initiatives which will grow in scale and scope alongside us.

Biofuture is made up of compassionate people who wholeheartedly believe that nature is among the most precious gifts generations transfer, which we are now the fortunate and temporary guardians of, and which we must endeavour to pass in essence if not exactness to future generations.

We also care about the welfare of our fellow humans and animals, endeavouring in all that we do to uplift and not contribute to their mistreatment.

We feel the weight of responsibility which attaches to businesses in important frontier industries. We know that public will to do good accompanies dire circumstances, but that this can be exhausted, and the potential of the moment wasted. We also realise that issues which generate emotion and involve new terms and technology attract unscrupulous, opportunistic actors. The seriousness of the problems we face mean we must be better. The urgent change we need demands that we set an example to secure consumer trust and elevate the standards of others in the space.

With the above in mind, we will:

  • To progressively make plastic pollution a phenomenon of the past, advocate for the construction of more industrial composting and anaerobic digestion facilities, with a complementary message about developing local council collection capabilities alongside consumer disposal understanding.

  • Clear up existing plastic pollution, we commit to organise frequent and expanding litter removal groups to restore the natural charm to neglected environments.

  • Counteract the effects of deforestation and mitigate our unavoidable emissions with tree planting through our accredited and ambitious partner One Tree Planted.

  • Children benefit immeasurably from exposure to nature and are also the hope for the future, so to cultivate depth of appreciation, and understanding of vulnerabilities, we plan to draw from our fund to finance school excursions to forests.

  • Use the latest bioplastic technology in our products to make our solutions as effective as possible. Alongside this we will be investigating to reveal more sustainable raw materials, transport, and disposal practices.

  • Biofuture represents one side of a multifaceted pursuit to be kinder to the Earth; our efforts do not encompass the vast expanse of the sustainability sector. For this reason, where it will not interfere with our fundamental purpose, we will help others in the wider space.

  • Commit to ensuring that all products are paired with a certification from the most reputable authority.

  • Scrupulously adhere to and strive to exceed all environmental law.

  • Refuse to do business with (1) violators of human rights as articulated in the European Convention on Human Rights), (2) objectionable business behaviour (including bribery and corruption), (3) contributors to climate change and environmental destruction as an inevitable consequence of the product or service provided, or (4) mistreatment of animals the standard being Animal Welfare Act 2006.

  • Forge partnerships in the waste management industry for the purpose of establishing direct collection of waste from contract customer premises.

Ethical & Environmental Policy

Learn about our commitment to ethical practices. Our Ethical Policy outlines our dedication to responsible sourcing, fair treatment, and sustainable operations, reflecting our values and principles.

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